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Orbit Activewear

Mira Biker Shorts - Mustard

Mira Biker Shorts - Mustard

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Elevate your activewear with our High-Waisted Mira Biker Shorts — a perfect blend of style and comfort. Designed to be both chic and super comfortable, these shorts feature a super stretchy material that guarantees an exceptional workout experience. Choose from our selection of four vibrant colors to suit your style.

Key Features:

  • High-Waisted Design: Adds a touch of style while ensuring a comfortable fit.
  • Super Stretchy Material: Promotes flexibility and comfort during your workout.
  • Anti-Bacterial: Promotes freshness and hygiene during your fitness routine.
  • Anti-Static: Say goodbye to static discomfort for a seamless workout experience.
  • Breathable: Enjoy optimal airflow to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Quick Dry: Experience rapid moisture-wicking to keep you dry and focused.

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